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This winter I went out and served some tea for homeless people. It was the first time I did something for the community and it felt great. Until now I donated rarely and if I did I often didn’t follow up on the project. If NEX succeeds at it’s goals, I believe we are in a position to make a significant difference. I was thinking about something like the “NEX Foundation”.
As a staker you could decide to donate a certain % of your profits to a project which we as a community choose. Voting for the community project and following how the donations are spend is also a great display of one of the many use cases of blockchain tech .
It would be our way of giving back to the community. However small the contribution it all adds up in the end.


Sounds interesting !

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Totally great idea, however when you would do this yourself I belief that will have a greater local community impact. But that’s just my opinion… Binance already donated 1$ million USD towards the

I’m not perse a big fan of BIG charities rather support local comunity charity or small projects, however on blockchain this is a different thing because everything could and should be transparant for a charity.

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Whoops I completely missed that post, my bad.

No need mate, nobody is able to read everything here :slight_smile:

How about setting an option in the UX allowing us to set some of the dividend we make each month and each month we could decide to whom we donate. As in we have a list of option to select from so that we can transfer the money.
It could be several options where we allocate percentages of the total amount we decide to give. But each time we should have the freedom to chose as different time means different NGO (whether big or small) could be more in need .

Claim dividend --> donate (yes/no)–> if yes how much in %–> select NGO’s by allocating a % of your donation for each of those you select.

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Like this idea, could develop something like binance do. NEX could have an incubator or, be an investor/involve in other projects not necessary in crypto. Could be good with their vision

Love the emulsion of ideas initiated by @Lennystyles :smiley:

If you want to go even deeper Nex go have different level of “partners” where:
-Level A is a simply an organisation that can receive money
-Level B is an organisation where you can trace where the money i spent by the organisation

  • etc.
    This would be longer term obviously haha but as a donator I like to be sure what I give is not lost on needless expenses. This would then push NGO’s to get closer to Level B (or even deeper) to get more donation and would allow donators to really get involved in where they send their dividend.
    We would feel more engaged; that’s what part of philanthropy is.

Sorry I am going a bit too far in my thoughts I guess :sweat_smile:

Long-term for sure but that’s what’s matter too :slight_smile:

I do agree that with big charities, often the connection with the project isn’t there and also a lot of money gets lost in all the layers of management. @HarrisonP method of being completely free to choose how much and which project (NGO) would already be a great step forward. This way you can #Thrustyourself to do research into the project before donating. You see what I did there? :joy::sunglasses:

I like Colin Kaepernick’s style of donations. Where every dollar is accounted for. Add blockchain and we can actually track it.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @len - I will make that change.