NEX fees structure will bring enormous volume

(Hodltill100x) #1

Only institutional investor can make their volume more than 20% of the total exchange trade volume.When individual investor come to trade and volume going up, the institutional investor have to invest more to keep their >= 20% of the exchange and that bring more liquidity. and the more liquidity bring more individual investor to trade in NEX and the more individual investor will come with more volume that make the institutional have to invest more to make their volume >=20% again and it’s a infinity loop that will bring infinity volume to NEX
hell, they are so smart … salute to NEX team

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(Bunder) #2

Fill your bags with :point_right::nex_logo::nex_logo::nex_logo::nex_logo::nex_logo:

(Trust Yourselves ) #3

I’m not sure if institutions are going to purposely increase their trading amounts just to save a decimal on fees. Wouldn’t make sense for them.

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(Mao Mao) #4

@Trust_Yourselves IMO…institutions do not necessary have to increase their trading amounts as they are already huge…but its a plus for them to get lesser fees if they were to trade full time(shifting from previous exchange to NEX) in NEX as their fees will be much lower compared to other exchanges. :grin:

(Hodltill100x) #5

Bot trading and HFT they are trading with small quantity but very frequency trade so…small different of fees … give them big different in profit

(Alex) #6

Most exchanges use tier priced fee structure…
And StellarX even has 0 fees…