NEX Extension v0.1.31 Released

(Timothy) #1


  • Clicking on addresses now copies them to the clipboard
  • “Receive Funds” screen now also shows your security color
  • Added shortcut to quickly add addresses to your contact list
  • Contacts now also show addresses
  • Transaction success screen now displays fees

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fix extension crashing sometimes when closing after claiming
  • Improve display of usernames and passwords with whitespace
  • Fix claims timer counting down too quickly in some cases

Note that this will take up to an hour to propagate in the chrome web store. Your extension will be automatically updated.


(Kelvin Fugara) #2

Thanks, but Still the prices for other tokens are not shown

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(Nick) #3

Nice, but pleaaaaaaase make your balance clickable when sending funds, so it pre-fills that amount in the ‘amount to send’ field.

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(Timothy) #4

Thanks for the feedback, it’s really appreciated! We’ll definitely be taking everyone’s suggestions and bug reports into consideration.


(5al) #5

Does the extension still auto-update? Mine is still using the old branding.


(Alex) #6

What is this security color ? Will you release a visual guide highlighting all the features ?


(Alex) #7

Could you add link to official extension. To make sure nobody installs a scam version ?


(Rory) #8

I believe it still does auto-update, but they probably have just not updated the branding on the extension yet.


(Timothy) #9

Hello, sorry for the late response, it’s been a hectic week :slightly_smiling_face:

@Alex the security color is not a new feature, it’s the same prompt that asks for a word and color when you log in. It’s now also displayed on the receive funds page next to your QR code to reduce the risk of a phisher constructing a phony QR code disguised as our extension to trick users to send funds to. Also, you can now find a link to the official extension from our website!

@5al yes, the extension should auto update. The branding is currently being worked on!

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