NEX extension safe?


(Kristiyan G) #1

Hi my NEX coins are on the NEX extension and was wondering if they are safe there because it says N ALPHA ?
And if it’s safe I would like to store NEO as well.
Thanks in advance.

(Lennystyles) #2

Hi Kris,

You are safe using the NEX extension.
It also supports all the other NEP-5 tokens and in the future also ERC-20 tokens.
Do however make sure your computer is clean of any viruses/keyloggers/trojans.
This to prevent any bad actors for recording your log-in details when you access the extension or any other log-in platform for that matter.
Nash is working on a unique log-in future which will soon be released.

(The Ron) #3

Funds are safu!!! :grin:

(FCC) #4

Please make sure to have a paper backup of the keys as asked when creating the wallet.
If you have not done so in the first moment you can still download the wallet file and make a safe backup.

To download the wallet file: Login > Settings > Accounts - > click “download wallet file”.

(Kristiyan G) #5

Hi Fabio,

Yes I have both the json wallet file and the text file with the backup encrypted key saved both on USB and paper. I was not able to login using my username and password at one point so I followed your video to recover my account with the encrypted key and then downloaded both files and saved them :slight_smile:


(Dave What Ace) #6

Long time ago I was not able to use the username and password too, could you share that link? Many thanks in advance.

(Kristiyan G) #7

Yes here it is really good video !

(Dave What Ace) #8

Thank you!