Nex dumped by 25% - Did i miss anything?

WTF happened or just regular Crypto behaviour?!

Sir, its a short term pain for the longterm gain.

If you want fast return or flip some NEX for some quick profit, not a good idea.

Investing in securities token, in a real startup is more a traditional investment than invest in crypto.

I just hope you DYOR before put your money on a longterm project.

Good luck


This all is NASH plan i dont no what they want to do ?

  1. First they make us to buy NEX at high price
  2. Launch almost take two years.
  3. On launch day they pospond the launch
  4. I am not able to verifiy my account for past 2 two .
  5. Support team not giving corrrect solution
  6. waiting in live chat for past 2 hours no reply

Looks like people expected $ 100 million volume in day 1 and since it didn’t happen (surprise anyone?) they dump their holdings.

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So many reasons to dump NEX.

  • Delays in MVP launch.
  • No wash trading on nash.
  • Bears are leading the market.
  • Maybe It’s game of whales to buy NEX at a lower price.
    so I expect to see less volume than the team’s goal in next 3 to 6 months.
    And then people may dump more and mean while I will get ready to buy more NEX.
  • delays happen all the time
  • no wash trading is a good thing unless you want to be shut down.

The real reason is:

  • Alt capitulation is still happening
  • People love to gamble on price action around launch milestones
  • And some irrationally expect $1B+ volume on day one.

Altogether, this leads to dumping. Then - if/when the crypto market turns around and Nash integrates BTC - the moonboys who dumped end up wishing they didn’t sell their NEX. Rinse repeat.

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  • If you check and DYOR within the whales wallets not a single 6figure account moved at all …so not happend!

  • The $nex price will and must be alligned with the monthly volume yes most people overbought at above ICO price so if you DYOR you could totally expect this

  • Becoming loose from $btc price can only be achieved when launch is fact and then see point above so this is a very good thing for longterm vieuwers not get rich quick kids with 3figure bags

  • If you can’t understand what gold your holding with $nex please sell into permabulls like me.


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