NEX dApp Store + Adoption

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A good portion of of NEX users will ostensibly also be NEO dApp users. One thing I’ve seen in other eco-systems is the idea of a “dApp Store” being built into the wallet + DEX environment. It seems to be a critical piece. dApp discovery for “NEO people” – links directly to NEO dApps in iTunes and Android PLAY stores that use tokens tradable on NEX – seems like a good idea to create adoption for NEO dApps, which creates adoption for NEX. It’s a virtuous cycle – NEX adoption and NEO dApp adoption seem two sides of one coin.

So here’s the question: is there something in the NEO universe that is like a “NEO dApp Store”? In the EOS universe, the Lynx wallet + DEX is also building in an EOS token dApp Store for this reason. Here’s a screenshot they posted of what theirs looks like (below). Shouldn’t WE have one also?

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I think that nOS will be the one that builds this.

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Yeah I’m talking to some NEO peeps on Twitter right now, they’re saying the same thing. nOS is the app aggregator – AND an exchange. They DO go together. In some respects, nOS competes with NEX, it’s not complimentary. nOS also seems to be a wallet, so it competes with NEON as well. Yes?

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ITS official that NEX will make all the token conversion at the NOS platform, NOS is not an exchange as you say, they create an dApp store and they are a step closer to decenraliced internet.

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Yeah it is really awesome :smiley: Here is the nOS article where they announced the partnership for the ones interested:

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Oh so nOS uses NEX under the hood??? It’s actually NEX doing all the exchange work inside? That would make a lot of sense.

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Yeah under the hood for auto-conversion of tokens. Plus the full dashboard of NEX. If you open nOS client now, one of the tabs you can’t click yet is an exchange tab, which will be NEX.

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Yes just downloaded NOS and will be checking it out later today. THANKS!

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The current nOS client version is just a low key wallet and basic browser. It should be getting more features over time but it’s still pre 1.0 stage atm. But yes for 2 years nOS and NEX will work exclusively with one another. nOS is the App Store and NEX is the backend exchange providing nOS’ conversions. It’s a win/win and only makes sense for the NEO ecosystem.

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