NEX critique

(Neogasrpx) #23

That was the initial plan, but it is my understanding they will be launching with a decentralized matching engine with 5 nodes, each founder will run 1 node…

(Ashrith) #24

Yes 5 nodes run by team is called a centralized matching engine only mate. And yes they again PROMISED to make it decentralize LATER

(Colegio) #25

I’ve heard Fabio mentioning about competitors copying NEX as well in one of the earlier AMAs. Which tech are you guys referring to? Is it the matching engine?

(Rory) #27

I think a lot of you guys who want to rush to market are thinking too small. You want them to get the users before Binance DEX, but which users? NEX isn’t only looking at users in the current crypto space. They’re looking at users who have not even purchased crypto for the first time yet. The total market cap of the crypto space is around $121 billion…that’s a drop in the bucket of the world’s total in the trillions. There’s so much more market to capitalize on. That’s why having a google or apple like approach to simplicity in the UI/UX is crucial.

Also let’s not forget that Binance came out with it’s CEX at a time there were quite a few others that were perfectly functional. But their product still gained major marketshare and became the go to exchange. Not because they were first to market.

(Trust Yourselves ) #28

Exactly. People need to calm down. The people trying to rush this are the people eager to sell their coins.
There isn’t a single successful business that was the first mover. Facebook, Apple etc were not first movers

(Trust Yourselves ) #29

@ethan surely there are some sort of copyrights nex can obtain for their design and technological features?

(Mao Mao) #30

Agree with you. NEX is also targeting outside users to allow easy trading so more people can get into crypto.

(Chris Fenwick) #31

When we released a couple of UI screens before there were aspects that were copied. We are making a number of UX/UI innovations that we do not wish to reveal yet.

Personally, I think it’s inevitable that some of these things will be copied, since they are great improvements on what current platforms offer.

(Trust Yourselves ) #32

Chris. Is there a possibility that these designs can be copyrighted?

(Hypotheticalidentity) #33

Are these innovations patentable? Not sure how this looks if all or parts of the software is open sourced.

I agree that drumming up empty hype yields very little, especially when no product is present. On the flip side, aligning yourself with the market trends can help more users realize your potential. For example, when articles are released about the SEC clamping down on non-compliance, publicize that NEON EXCHANGE aims to be compliant with existing regulatory bodies. I work in an industry that overseen by many regulations, and our company uses those press releases to show we are a LEADER in the industry (our products are at varying stages of releases). Sometimes marketing is just basic education for potential users of the product!

(Hypotheticalidentity) #34

I like your perspective here; great post :sunglasses:

Regarding development of platform
(FCC) #35

Several users here made observations that I believe are correct. To answer some questions: no, in most countries you can’t patent or copyright software, you can do it with branding, visuals and other pieces - but software ideas are hard to protect and enforce rights. Yes we are aiming to protect all that we can.

We take every competitor very seriously, and we try to understand their strength and weaknesses, we are aware of Binance market share and have strategies for that. This community in itself is a example of how our marketing team look to build tools that will make the difference in bringing users.

They are busy producing work for marketing what we need: our products, and they will continue to work on those material preparing for launch.

Finally we promised to show something for Q4. There is going to be a event to show you what we are up to, date and location to be announced very soon.

Why ETH and not BTC?
Patent for Nash Matching Engine
(Seidler) #36

Thank you

(Ashrith) #37

@canesin @ethan

Today coinbase announced that it is gng to add nearly 30-40 tokens. So how soon will the nex be listing quality tokens apart from erc20. Like ltc ,qtum ,xlm,xrp etc after the launch of exchange. As for a centralized exchange it really isn’t any pain to list any new chain. But since nex being decentralized how are you going to tackle this. is it pain to list new chains in off chain matching engine of nex or are you designing a Hussle free engine which can list any chain with ease(definitely we know it involves some work but for a new chain is the team again going to build something which takes time or you have plans to make things simple for a new chain) ?

(CryptoUK1) #38

@Ashrith I’m also interested to know a rough time span to list currency tokens as well as for smart contract platforms

(Xen) #39

Thank you @canesin! There’s no denying that things will take time and I agree that we the Community should be more patient and more trustful to the NEX team’s goals. It is better to be patient than to rush things for a short term fulfillment.

Even if it takes this year or next year, it doesn’t matter. As long as we’re strong as a Community and as a family, bound with love by the NEX team, then nothing is impossible. As always, we should Trust Ourselves. :nex_logo:

Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is concentrated strength.
-Bruce Lee

(Stay Humble101) #40

I think looking for an estimate no matter how rough in timeline for other coin/token listings at this time without an exchange to use or NEO/ETH then BTC added is redundant. Any timeline they provide would not be accurate as there are too many unknowns between now and then. Please have patience, this line of questioning is very forward and would cause the team to either lower your expectations back to reality or keep your spirits up with optimistic timelines that only put more pressure on them. Have faith in your decision and trust the team will reveal the 2019/2020 roadmap as we check milestones off the bucket list. Until then, sit tight - we’ll be in for a wild ride.

(Olu ) #41

You’ve said it all. Patience…

(Crypt On The Beat) #42

The 2019/2020 Roadmap gonna be huge !!!

(CryptoUK1) #43

Just to confirm, the event will be this month - Q4? From the post, we all assumed that.