NEX Community By Country/City

(Kelvin Fugara) #1

Dear NEXers, what Ideas do you have about building NEX community in each Country? Do you think it is a Good Idea to have NEX community meetups in each Country/City?

Kindly Share what is in your Mind


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(Mao Mao) #2

This idea has been done by most projects today to gain a better understanding of what investors are looking for and also to allow potential investors to understand better what NEX is trying to achieve here.

I believe as said by Fabio if i remember correctly, this current year 2018 is the year of “BUIDLING” for the NEX team and I do hope that in the next year, 2019, the NEX team can come forward again and meet its community before/after achieving part of their important milestones. With that, it can really gain more users to use the platform when more people know NEX is moving with compliance path of their journey compared to other exchanges now, which will bring increased trusts to the users.

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(Tj22) #3

I talked a bit about this with a NEX team member on their birthday. From what I understood is that it’s highly encouraged by the NEX team to organize meet-ups/events in your own country and thus making sure the community is alive in many places around the world.

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(Kelvin Fugara) #4

@clare any Comment Please

(Andrea [Nex Italian Community]) #5

If anybody speak italian i created the NEX Italian Community wich you can join by this link:
We are 23 people by now, would love to see this number increase!

(FCC) #6

What @MaoMao and @TJ22 said is correct. Internally we see 2018 as the year of building and 2019 as the year of growing. The initiative of passionate members to organize local sub-communities is welcome, @carla and @clare will be working to empower those next year.