NEX Community App and darkmode

(Nashrimpy) #1

It would be great if the nex community had an app and darkmode. What do you think Nexers?:nex_logo::chart_with_upwards_trend:


Hi @NexAzure good idea let’s hope the NEX official team reviews it in the future

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(Crypt On The Beat) #3

Yes like the neon wallet V2

(Frank) #4

+1 for darkmode
I’ve got a feeling a great NEX suite app is in the making and this will probably also give us access to the community.

As almost every professional trading interface has a darkmode or is darkmode by default i can’t imagine the ‘NEX trading interface’ won’t have this.

Wasn’t info about an app already spoken about at the Amsterdam b-day party?

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Yeah, they’re bringing an app but it won’t be here until most likely Q1 2019 but I’d imagine we see a link to the community in it but until then due to the login procedure the PC is the only option atm.

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(Low Ri Da) #6

+1 for darkmode!

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(Harrison P) #7

Ethan showed the dark mode on a tweet October the 21st for the Neon wallet :slight_smile: pretty sure they like Dark mode as much as we want it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nashrimpy) #8

community darkmode is still welcome

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(Cammofunk) #9


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