NEX Coinmarketcap

Hey Nexers, from when can we expect that NEX will be listed on coinmarketcap?


Don’t really know, they don’t take OTC volume/price but maybe they gonna take datas from Aph and Tok, don’t know if it’s good

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The team need to apply to be added to Coinmarketcap, not sure if they have done so allready. @canesin @ethan ???

We expect the NEX token to appear on coinmarketcap when we are listed by a major exchange (perhaps ourselves!). Getting on there isn’t a priority until the exchange product is live, although even now our current marketcap would rank pretty high.


Check this out:

Its wrong, but you can follow


It’s not even that far off, but it shows the Tok price (which is 10-15% lower than the NEO-NEX price on Aphelion). Same price update as I get from my Delta app after having merged NEX tokens in.

Helpful, thanks. Do any of you know the formula for retrieving CoinGecko prices into Google Sheets? I’m not a CS person, just an investor. :slight_smile: For coinmarketcap someone provided this formula that works for Tezos and other coins, but it, of course, doesn’t work for CoinGecko: =IMPORTXML(C1,"//span[@id=‘quote_price’]/@data-usd")