NEX Calculator Statistics

Hi you all,

I would like to show you statistics from the visitors of the nex calculator.
The :nex_logo: calculator went online on the 11th of September in 2018 and is now exactly 2 months live.

The Calculator had visitors from 101 different countries, from Canada to Chile and from South Africa to Russia. Now you see that the NEX Community comes from all over the world.

By Country
Most visitors came from the Netherlands (15%), but that may be because I’m Dutch and I’m in many Dutch Crypto groups. Furthermore, many from England, USA, Germany and India.


Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
In total there are 61% of visitors who visit the NEX Calculator by mobile. 37% visit by Desktop and 2% by tablet.

As you can see, there are many more mobile visitors than desktop visitors.
Hopefully we will soon be able to visit this community platform by our Smartphones!

Do you want that the NEX Calculator stays online? :point_down:

Send a little bit of your NEP-5 tokens (:nex_logo:) to This NEO Address, so that we can continue to fill the NEX Community with a lot of information!

Have a nice day, cheers and Hodl NEX

Greetings :netherlands: - bunder -


Thanks for sharing Bunder :blush:
Love the effort you did.

However the statistics are inaccurate as you mentioned yourself. Also missing indication of the number of visitors.

Whats the point exactly ?

Your goal for posting seems to be for personal profit. At least the way I see it… Instead of asking others what they think of this data you ask for money…

Claiming you need this to continue fill the community with information. ? What value does your information have exactly ? Could you indicate the number of visitors this data is coming from ? I see your using UCALC third party calculator. I guess the real value is in their hands. (actual user input data)

Ultimately the team is in a better position to share this kind of information.

If you disagree or agree with me. Feel free to reply. <3

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your reply.

in total there are about 2800 visitors.

The point is that people can see, where all the commity are coming from. It’s just a fun fact, nothing more.

My goal is not my personal profit, but keeping the website and NEX-Calculator up to date cost some time. If I do not get anything in exchange for it, I will not going to make any afford in the website or calculator. That’s how it works, right?

As I said before, I’m just sharing this as a fun fact, that people can check how many visitors from there country are on the community.

Hopefully you understand it.

At the end: everybody wants to make some profit.


Haven’t got the chance to thank you personally, thanks a lot for making this application! Let’s hope there will be a lot more active community members soon!

Don’t worry Bunder, Alex is a Troll. Ignore him.