NEX bridge on ERC20, what is it and how does it work?

As per the telegram chat fabio mentioned that Nash is creating a bridge between NEP5 and ERC20 tokens to take NEX token on the eth protocol.

This is too much technical. I wanted to know the following things

  1. How does it work?
  2. What is the advantage of this of arrangement.
  3. What is the tentative timeline of this happening.

(not an answer to your question, but expressing my joy at such a idea)

I think being able to trade NEX on ETH Defi apps would be great. It reduces NEX token markets living on Switcheo and Tokok. There’s probably some regulatory limitation, but I find it strange NEX is not traded on Nash almost feels like a flaw - having some version say on uniswap and other LP apps would only be good for expand the market I think.

Combining it with liquidity mining with some kind of link to NEX would be great as well (I think this was discussed as an idea in the other massive post that’s now locked).

(anyway, just writing side comments haha)

“NEX is not traded on Nash almost feels like a flaw”

  • indeed

Since Nep5 Nex coin is a registered security and ERC20 Nex coin is not, can we expect trading pairs for ERC20 Nex when the bridge is finished?

This would do wonders for the Nex coin especially considering the upcoming Nash League!

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