NEX Birthday Party nOS airdrop info

Not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I’ve noticed a lot of people being unaware of the action they need to take in order to receive the nOS airdrop that they’d get from the NEX Birthday Party. See the details below, and make sure to do that before Monday 26th :slight_smile:


Muchos Gracias Prik!

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tnx! You know how long it takes for them to deposit the nOS? I was there with my wife. We have only the 1 Nex account…so I probably will need to make a new login for her to.

After the 26th, Dean said.


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Did anyone already got them?


Mañana Mañana


Saw in the nOS discord today that the airdrop will be send today


tnx mate

Sweet :sunglasses:

But still nothing in my wallet :smiley:

Update, received ! But only one time and got 2 tickets for the anniversary on the same email

Doesn’t portray on, but can’t seem to find the hash listed on neotracker in the first place…

I also received them :tada:

Got them too!

Same here! And didn’t receive them yet.

I have them for 1 account, but I was there with my wife and she has not recieved them yet