NEX BEP5 to ERC20 bridge is not working

I just submitted a support ticket notifying the Nash support team that the Convert NEX BEP5 to ERC20 feature on the desktop and mobile apps are not working. While I wait for their reply, thought I’d reach out to the Community to see if anyone here has had success with the bridge. The message that I receive is “Could not load fees. Currently under maintenance.”

Hello David,

Thank you for reaching out to the team, they are aware. The Nep5 to ERC20 convert is currently in maintenance , it is stated as well when you try to convert, please see below


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Thanks Valentin, is there an expected resolution date? It is a fairly important feature.

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Valentin, sorry to trouble you but would appreciate an estimated date that this will be resolved. Days, weeks or months? Thanks!

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There is not ETA at the moment. Thank you

Can you provide us with any update? Is this actually being worked on?

The Swap from Nep5 to ERC20 Nex is currently under maintenance and ETA is this will be ready this week. Changes to the swap feature will be introducing payment of the ETH fees by users. Given the level of ETH fees, Nash cannot go on covering these for users, even with the 500 NEX minimum. We’ve just launched a new product (Earnings) that also covers ETH fees for users – so we’re not against doing it. But if we want to spend company money on this, it makes more sense to do so on a real product that brings in users.


Ok, thanks for the info.

Any updates on the bridge? still can’t get the swap to ERC 20 Nex to work

You can use the webapp to swap, it will be available on mobile at a later date.

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How do you swap using webapp?

Press the convert button next to nex, under Funds tab: Nash

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Has this been resolved for the mobile trading as well?

Are you referring to the bridge? It’s up on the mobile app now.

If you’re referring to the L2 exchange on the app, it’s been removed for the time being. It’s only accessible through the web app now (

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Was referring to the bridge, thanks.

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Hi all, I did not check the nash community since long time (more than a year) so I am not updated, I want to know is it mandatory or recommended to change my NEX tokens from BEP5 to ERC20 or can i keep them as is (BEP5) ? i mean is the direction to be on ETH only in the future or NEX will stay on both chains?

There is no official preference regarding either NEP5 or ERC20.

However, keep in mind that NEP5 is a legacy chain and it will be updated to N3 standard at some point.

ETH NEX on the other hand has high transaction fees and staking contract is not supported (no info on when or if it will be supported).

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