NEX Badges - Some personal feedback

I think the badges and levels have a strong appeal. As an avid gamer (mobile & steam) I totally understand the pull that achievements, badges and unlockables have on people. Still there is much room for improvement. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Create actual icons for the individual badges. It will be a much more satisfying user experience
  • I don’t like the current color coding. Grey is usually used to suggest something is not yet unlocked or is disabled. So it took me a while to figure out that the grey icons are actually representing something like “tier1” achievements. In my view it would be clearer to indicate the following:
    ** Grey Icons = not yet activated/achieved
    ** Blue Icons = activated/achieved
  • Of course I noticed you use grey/blue/gold for the tiers of the badges. If you decide on using different colors for different tiers then in my opinion the current color-scheme is problematic. I would never use the NEX-blue for anything else but the highest rank. Since NEX = the ultimate goal.
  • If you have different tiers of badges it would be nicer to have them listed together. Like in mobile games where you have bronce/silver/gold tiers of an achievement. Having for example the “certified” and “specialist” achievements so far apart looks like they are not based on each other.
  • Regarding NEX Trust Levels: It took me a while to get that “Member” = tier2 while “NEXer” = tier 1 . Since “Member” is positioned left from “NEXer” Also if you have tiers to achievements you could mark them acordingly:
    ** Tier 1: NEXer
    ** Tier 2: Member
    ** Tier 3: Regular
    ** Tier 4: Leader
  • I think the names of the trust levels could be clearer. Something like: Rookie -> Member -> Professional -> NEX Leader .
  • It would be nice to have something like a clear progress bar on what to do to upgrade your trust level and clearly see how far along you currently are.

Again these are just some of my personal thoughts regarding the badges.
Feel free to extend my list with your own thoughts on the matter and help NEX team to make the community tools truly amazing!


Hey @LowRiDa great feedback and thanks for taking the time to jot this down! We have made some slight changes to the tiers and will continue to optimize this to create a forum user experience only NEX can provide. Again, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback!


Very nice feedback !!

Nice feedback :grinning:

Thanks @clare . It’s great to know that thoughts that you voice here are picked up and evaluated directly by :nex_logo: employees. I’m truly happy to be a part of this wonderful fledgeling community.

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Maybe it is an idea to add the column ‘Badges’. Just like here in the image. :point_down:

I think it is 3 minutes work to add and it would be nice to see how many badges someone has.

The received ‘Thumb’s up’ & ‘The Badges’ is a way to see, if you can Trust some one.


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