Nex and the Smart Economy ๐Ÿš€


As Nex grows, which projects might benefit the most
from being part of the Nex ecosystem ?

Weโ€™re talking stuff like payment services, APIโ€™s etc.
(Not just from a pure trading / volume pov.)

Perhaps Moonlight, Neo, nOS, ONT or PHX ?

Trust Yourselves :rocket:

(Frank) #2

There are several projects that will buy tokens back from the market to use in their platform. Some projects e.g. have B2B customers who will have contracts in FIAT and because of the contract the platform needs x amount of tokens. These platforms will have to buy these tokens through APIs from public exchanges. This now with centralised exchange is a security risk, cause they lose control over their funds. This is where DEXs and thus NEX will benefit these kind of projects a lot.


Hi @franco totally agree with you in the way you do this analysis :wink:

(Nex Azure) #4

Neo & NOs.