NEX and Social Media Platforms

(Yoruba Angel) #1

I am just wondering why NEX is very inactive on social media such as Twitter. Today, Virtually every blockchain projects use twitter to get attentions to its products. For example, Bakkt has been seen very active on such platform and they dont even have a product launch too. While having a community portal like this, I believe social media is a bigger platforms to connect NEX products to those who are not aware of it yet. I believe frequent social engagements such as twitter, medium will create a more spread information about NEX before product launch.
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(Ethan Fast) #2

I don’t want to speak for the marketing team, but in general we don’t like creating hype before we have something to show. The blockchain space is a mess on social media in this respect.

(Carla Paiva) #3

Engagement marketing works if you want to develop a socially focused anonymous relationship with the market.
We don’t communicate for the sake of showing activity but with a purpose that adds value for us and also for present and future investors.
We have a strategy and we will continue working to make :nex_logo: more and more known and adopted.

(Hypotheticalidentity) #4

The dissemination of news via social media has turned into a cancer for the cryptosphere.

Influencers looking to make a quick buck? Check. Scams? Check. >90% announcements with nothing to show for? Check.

I am curious to see what the marketing team has in store for this platform as they aim to create products for investors across the spectrum; so far, the creation of this forum has proven beneficial as the content on Telegram and other outlets continue atrophying. @YorubaAngel I agree with you on more content on Medium; hope we can receive articles with consistent intervals.

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(Zen Mittal) #5

Target audience of communicating your message is not just this small community. But entire interested crypto space.
Why not post clips on the official NEX twitter of the answers given here by team members?
All these answers are not only helpful to everyone (not just few 100 people who joined this community site), but also build trust, clarify doubts, raise awareness, and create connection with the project.

I think this adds value without creating unnecessary noise and hype that you guys are trying to avoid.

(Ant0ni081) #6

I think the simple answer is in basic terms… that they dont want to hype a unreleased and untested product. Marketing will come with release, its as easy as that.
We all know the social media space is a mess concerning cypto, but that doesnt mean NASH/NEX shouldnt get involved in the social media space when the times right and products up and running.
Just do it right and show the rest how its ment to be done.
NASH/NEX needs to be everywhere and in everyones face, but for the right reasons and at the right time.

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(Nash101) #7

You are right, but you might add value to a tweet if it’s educating like a tweet every 1 or 2 weeks about the hottest and most interesting topics within the community.

Like @ZenMittal said: It raises awareness, creates connection with the project and educates audience.