NEX and NEO adoption: By The Numbers

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In order to win (and for NEX to dominate) we NEO people need to pay attention to metrics, and then aim to improve those measurable things.

For example:

  • How many NEO transactions per day on average?
  • How many total NEO wallets in the world?
  • How many ACTIVE NEO users on average per day?

(Does anyone know these numbers)?

I know that in EOS, these numbers are:

  • 3 million transactions per day
  • 435,000 Wallets
  • 60,000 active users per day ranks blockchains by daily transactions – NEO isn’t in the top 20 (is this correct? are they simply not measuring NEO or something?)

Anyway – one thing we need to do to make NEX (and NEO) succeed is measure and pay attention to these numbers. They’re all linked together.

(Len) #2

I found some information, as we speak 1.818.007 wallets.
And with a 24-hour volume of $116,466,559 today, there are also 99 assets based on NEO right now.

Rest of the info I owe you.

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Clarification: Making sure I understand your post: There are currently 1.8 Million NEO wallets? Where did you get this number?

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How did you get to spit out # of wallets? Sorry if this is a dopey question, but I actually did look on a few NEO blockchain explorers and did not see a way to get ‘NEO stats’ such as any of the above.

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ah ha! now we’re getting somewhere :slight_smile: thanks. One follow-up question: why does GAS show 369K wallets, while NEO only shows 193K wallets? Is GAS somehow used by bots or utilities that hold no NEO?

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And one thing that worries me a little bit – the LOWEST entrant on Blockchain Activity is ZEC with 3,000 transactions per day … NEO isn’t even listed, does this mean NEO currently has FEWER than 3,000 transactions per day??? That actually does not seem right to me, but I have no proof one way or the other … ?

(Actually, your picture shows only 10.3K transactions TOTAL for NEO … over the last two years (!) so that would certainly be fewer than 3K transactions per day.)

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So to summarize the competitive landscape for NEO (and all of us):

NEO has

  • 1.8M Wallets
  • 36.6K tx’s per day
  • 15 sec tx speed
  • 18M Total Transactions To Date
  • 2 yrs history

EOS has

  • 435K Wallets, but growing parabolic
  • 3M tx’s per day
  • subsecond tx speed
  • 360M Transactions To Date
  • 4 months history
  • 60,000 active wallets per day, this DOUBLED over the last 30 days.


  • Nobody cares because it will never scale :slight_smile:

EOS is beating NEO by two orders of magnitude in terms of transaction volume at the moment. I do know this is related to the sub-second speed response EOS – these transactions are something like 90% gambling dApps like EOSdice – the faster you can bet, the more “compulsive transactions” there are crammed into every minute.

So: NEO has the higher quality, more thoughtful projects at the moment, imho. But EOS has the gambling volume.

(Guardian Circle) #12

So now that we know what we’re up against: HOW do we win? HOW do we increase usage of NEO tokens and thus make NEX (and ourselves, we are all tied together) win?

We could all keep doing NEO events and wearing NEO t-shirts and such. However, I propose that a BETTER answer is to build consumer apps where the crypto is built in almost as a Trojan horse. NEO’s current wealth of software dev tools in particular give it a HUGE advantage over EOS in that department.

You can easily build a NEO wallet inside an app. In EOS, this is EXTREMELY difficult to do at present – usage of an exterior wallet is required. However. No consumer app (other than gambling) is going to convince end users in Iowa to download a second, separate wallet app. No. The operations and wallet MUST be built into the dApp.

Guardian Circle will do it like this: If you answer my Alert – then after my emergency is serviced, I am given an opportunity to ‘tip’ responders with GUARD. Now – you MIGHT know what ‘GUARD’ is (i.e. crypto – and we tell you) – but odds are, you mostly think of it as ‘points’ or ‘frequent flyer miles’ – something like that.

Of course, if you KNOW it’s crypto, there’s a fully functional NEO-based wallet in-app you can get to that lets you send GUARD to an exchange or another user.

Now – it would be GREAT of NEX would let us add functionality in our app so that our users could purchase GUARD with a credit card directly from NEX – all without having to think about NEX or exchanges or crypto at all. Just – swipe card, get more GUARD points. That’s it. :slight_smile:

I suspect many of YOUR dApps could use this ‘swipe card, get more tokens’ functionality. If NEX gives us an API, we’d likely ALL build it in – getting a TON more NEX users.

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(Frank) #13

I know NEX is a NEP-5 token and i know CoZ is heavily invested in NEO but NEX could operate completely independent of NEO/GAS in the future. I understand that NEO is in focus now, but aren’t you making the dependency bigger then it is?
I mean if the Neonexchange itself will get 70% of it’s volume in future Bitcoin/Ether pairs why should we focus on NEO so much now?

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My personal opinion is that ETH is MySpace – it will die because it will never scale, it will never scale because of dev infighting over how to do it. It’s moving too slowly to compete. You cannot build a reasonable consumer dApp on it now, but you CAN on NEO and EOS, and projects are abandoning ETH in droves for EOS right now (and we did for NEO). BTC is the base coin, always good to include that. So to my knowledge, NEO, EOS and BTC are the viable future coins we’re sure of. NEX has no plans to support EOS or EOS tokens. If NEX gets distracted by ETH (the past, skating to where the puck was, not to where it is going to be), that won’t be good.