NEX and dApps

Active NEO dApps drive demand for NEO Tokens. Demand for NEO tokens drives demand for NEX. We are ALL part of a single machine. What each of us does feeds (or doesn’t feed) the others.

With that in mind, and also because I am surrounded by EOS heathens :slight_smile: I learn a lot about what is going on in THEIR ecosystem.

Right now, it’s all gambling dApps for the most part, but one very interesting new thing has emerged: stake a utility token, participate fractionally, hourly, in the company’s revenue stream. Which is feeding tons of demand for EOS tokens on EOS decentralized exchanges.

Here is a post I did on FB about my experiences with one of these staking tokens. I am not sure how we all use this knowledge yet, but wanted to share what I’m seeing so other NEO minds can chew on it alongside me.