NEX and APH funds not and partially showing up on the Extension

(Ne Xus) #1

Even with re-login supposed NEX and APH funds (NEOscan) don’t show up. What to do, had this few times before was scared as hell :slight_smile:

(clare s) #2

Hi @NEXus - thank you for bringing this to our attention. One of us will look into it and get back to you!


(FCC) #3

@NEXus have you tried changing the node ?
You can do so by clicking on “Nodes” in the menu.

(Crypto King) #4

I like the quick respond of the NEX team. Kudos.Its reassures us that we are with people who care about their community.

(Ne Xus) #5

Thanks for coming back at me.
Yes I tried changing to all nodes available, yet only 2 of 7 show up NEX funds and none at all show up any APH. Also with 1 of all nodes available I suddenly was eligible for “Claiming GAS” while I didn’t have any NEO left in this wallet for a while now.
I’m just speaking out these minute details for it seems there’s discrepancies between the nodes and I think we want to see as even distributed outcomes as possible on all nodes and trust it with our funds.

Thank you, NEXus.

(FCC) #7

thanks for the report, we are in the process of updating nodes software and infrastructure. But I am sorry and this situation should not have happened, I will ask the team to look at it. Your funds are safe on the blockchain even if not displayed due to nodes.

(FCC) #8

@NEXus we finished the upgrade, this should have be solved.

(Ne Xus) #9

Aside from being vigilant to my own funds I hope it serves as a way of feedback… ^^ No worries, it’s safe on the blockchain, “In cryptography we trust”…

(Ne Xus) #10

Ah Super, thanks allot!

(Ne Xus) #11

What I was missing is that APH (Aphelion token) still does not show up, not at any of the nodes I tried. It’s a negligible amount but still. Why APH?

(clare s) #12

Hi @NEXus - it doesn’t show up even after you update to version 1.31 of the extension?

(Ne Xus) #13

It’s that version, I might try installing it again and there’s a chance, but it’s arduous effort with private keys…

(Ne Xus) #14

APH funds showing up always since a month beginning of this month, March. Thank you for your help.

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