New trading bot

Hello everyone,

I’m releasing my own bot to this wonderful community:

With a simple UI, everyone can participate now in the liquidity mining competitions.

I hope that it will bring more volume to the exchange even when there is no competition.

I’m going to add some other features (volume, profit…) in the near future.

Enjoy it!


thanks so much for your efforts. It is really great to see so many people working on one achievement together. Further i think the simplicity of the UI is really great. I hope a lot of people will use it :+1:


This is amazing and I’ll definitely consider using it when/if my region opens up. That being said, I’m a complete amateur when it comes to API keys and trading bots – for total noobs, is there any way a site like this could compromise the user or their funds? Anything we should look out for? Judging by @Zino’s site, it looks like only an API key is shared – which should be completely safe correct?


First, you can whitelist adresses for withdrawal when creating the API Key.
Second, the bot is running in your browser and communicates directly with nash over websockets so your API Key is not shared and is 100% safe.


Awesome – thanks for sharing!