New token / coins -> just an idea tbd :-)

Hello Nashers :slight_smile:

While driving home i just thought about Nash and possible improvements (like most of the time^^).

I think listing new tokens is generally a very good platform to present Nash to new people. As the tech itself is probabely difficult to sell as a arguement to use nash to the public, i thought about what made me invest in Nash back in the ICO time. Answer: NEX token with its legally compliant structur and specially the fact that it pays out Dividends on a daily bases. This is a feature nobody has in crypto space (as far as i know). Our unique selling point. I think if we could connect listing of a new token with a very small give away in NEX Token for their community, this would let the people stay at our platform. For Example we could generate a uniqe URL for every new token listed. ( All Users doing KYC / AML and deposit amount x ini a certan period of time are entiteled to join a small lottery to win amount x in NEX Token. I strongly belive that this procedure would be very benefitial for us in the long term. Just to make sure that there is enough liquidity before any listing. :slight_smile:



Indeed its a nice idea but liquidity has to be provided by the token itself. If they do not care about their own token why should Nash do it ? Maybe the token itself can provide an amount of tokens for a lottery like :

  1. Trade 100 Tokens or more (buys & sells) in any X trading pairs.

  2. Deposit 100 X(token) or more to your Nash account from an external wallet or from another exchange

and win :partying_face: ******** amount of X token.

Terms and conditions etc…

:thinking:Old but Gold