New to Nash, new to staking

Hi all.
Almost 3 days have passed since my start of staking but still 0 reward - why is that? What am I missing? Shouldn’t there be rewards every 24 hrs?



Right now volume is very low (still MVP phase), this is why a 24-hour period will earn you less than 1 cent. To see what you have earned so far, you can go to the “Statements” tab:

There you’ll find your earnings grouped by month and token.

Hope that helps.

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I see, thanks!

So basically there is not any sense to stake now. Wait and hope for higher volume,

Each of us can bring some volume by trading and spreading the word.


I tried to trade some coins but liquidity was so low that it didnt make much sense. I am not sure how Fabio could predict Millions in Volume after 6 months or so. Thats very bold of him unless he has something up his sleeve other than BTC implementation. Lets wait and see but I have low expectations. Seems like a chicken/Egg dilemma here. Volume is at its lowest as it ever been. Disappointing

No real incentive indeed. That being said, I’d rather have mine locked up in a Smart contract where it’s contributing to the global effort than be tempted to day-trade (and probably end up losing).

@asus78 I followed your comments for the past months and understand your frustration. However do understand that it takes time and that a single bug could destroy a trading platform’s credibility permanently. I’m happy waiting a few more days or weeks for features to come out when Nash team feels they are ready.

As for volume predictions, they’re awefully hard to make, even for Fabio. Of course he’s going to make a rather bold prediction rather than a pessimistic one. It’s part of his job to evangelize the vision and possibilities.
I don’t think it’s impossible to reach that 100-million monthly volume target: by releasing a collection of world firsts (BTC trading, Nash’s own fiat on-ramp, etc), it’s definitely possible. Ask yourself: with those features, would you definitively switch from Binance to Nash. Add a few top-20 tokens in the mix and my answer is YES a thousand times over. Why would it be any different for the rest of the crypto community?

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You can’t do PnDs.

Of course, for this they can stay on Binance :laughing:

That’s why they’ve been doing it the whole time. PnDs on BTC pairs and USDT as a stablecoin are 2 main sources for the volume.

Oh, I thought you were talking about all those altcoins that pump at Binance listing and dump afterwards.

I see. So we’re coming back to your point of whether USDT is a must-have as compared to USDC.

Why wouldn’t they pump and dump between BTC and USDC on Nash ? :thinking:

Honnestly I have no idea if greater forces are playing the whole lot of us and if they make up 90% of the volume. I’m just eager that BTC trading pairs are launched so that we see the consequences.

What’s your theory @kazanchev ?



Yup, “BTC over tokenized-fiat” volume is dominating by a factor 100. That’s no surprise and I actually think that’s actually good news for Nash, because it means we have a shot as soon as “BTC over tokenized-fiat” is implemented! (hopefully soon)

As for which tokenized-fiat, this was discussed already: there is absolutely 0 incentive for traders to move from USDT (where all the volume is on Binance) to USDC now. Hence the current situation which is due to the fact that USDT had first mover advantage.
But I see no reason why on Nash the situation wouldn’t be the other way around? It is because you think whales have big amounts of USDT and won’t be able to bring it to Nash without moving markets a lot?

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