New Roadmap... only issue ( for me ) I see

I understand Kellogg and the team are following the metrics they see, and I really don’t mean to criticize the new roadmap, I really like where Nash is going.

However, one issue I see is the mobile app first plan… if you consider the type of person ( not me ) who was around in crypto from the early days, they are more technical, most used to using a desktop environment. If testing a new service, sometimes an app is a pain.

While I’m not the above type, I find, I’d rather a website on a desktop to use a service, then if I deem that service useful enough, I’ll get the app for convenience.

Maybe it’s just me, but Nash is possibly alienating potential customers with this strategy. The rest of the roadmap I fully agree with, the pivot from L2 Exchange makes absolute sense to find a market fit. I understand I’m not privy to the metrics that the team have, nor would I expect to be… but if it’s based on more people access Nash via mobile, it’s possible(?) they / we are all the people who were here from the start? So that metric is potentially skewed?

Anyway, shower thought over…

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Nash would be using some sort of data analysis which has pointed them in the direction that a majority of new generation users would be more inclined/currently using mobile devices - hence why I believe they’ve taken the ‘mobile focus’ approach.

However I do agree with you, I much prefer the a web interface available on my desktop than a mobile app in some instances (especially trading).

I do believe they’re focusing primarily on mobile for the card users, ease of payments, card activation etc once they reach it. I could be wrong - maybe someone from the team will chime in. It’s been unusually quiet here as of late.