New Nash website! Waiting list for Nash card now open!

Love the new Nash website layout. Nice and simple :heart:

P.s joined the waiting list for the Nash card already, cannot wait to use Nash as my sole bank account.

2021 is going be a good year :rocket:


Hype! Thanks for pointing this out. Excited for the future of Nash!

What interests me the most is that it says “Spend your investment profits or staking dividends just like cash!”

Makes me wonder if funds can be spent right from the layer 2 trading platform (or have to?). Gives a great use case for the dust we collect from staking.


Just signed up my interest, can’t wait!!

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This would be great indeed!

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looks great.
I hope there are great metal cards, I would pay for them too. A. It is like a company business card and b. there are discussions when paying if the card stands out (advertising)