New Nash Calculator for new tokenomics!

Greetings, wonderful community!

With the release of the new tokenomics for the NEX token, there is a need for a new calculator where people can speculate on potential returns. Introducing,

When it comes to crypto projects with any form of dividend sharing/staking rewards/etc, there is usually a go-to calculator that people can easily google and experiment with. It would be really nice for $NEX to have a professional looking calculator/dashboard for anyone to use. That’s what I intend this to be.

I have made this open source as my intention is to make this a community driven project, so it can be as polished and precise as possible. With that being said, there will be bugs and I’d like to remind everyone this is just the first version – which was kinda thrown together right after the announcement. There’s lots of room for improvement!

With the help of the community, we can iterate on this and make it the go to dashboard/calculator for $NEX.


  • Eric

Thanks for this project, great job!

I accessed it but I am not sure how it works.

What’s the difference between total Nex and Staking? If I have 1000 Nex and I am staking all of it should I put the 1000 Nex in total Nex or Staking?

Is the calculator adjusted for 24h volume? Is the total return adjust for daily return?

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Hey Garda,

The staking input is the duration in months of your stake (just used for determining the proportionate layer-2 exchange dividend share you would receive) And currently the calculator is accounting just for raw volume.

With this initial release I was mainly focused on getting the design/responsiveness/project setup out of the way. I intended for the calculator itself to get criticized so I can make it more like what people would expect it to be. I got a lot of feedback regarding the schema of the calculator itself and will release an update making everything much more clear and intuitive.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


I just released a new update that fixed a lot of issues. :smiley:

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Great job!

But I’m not sure how to use the calculator correctly if Nash discloses only L2 info and we have no info about TVL, fiat ramps, Dex markets volume…