New listing

The team previously reported that they are considering listing a coin within the top 20 market capitalization.
What are your plans for listing other coins?
This year will see the launch of promising projects such as Polkadot, Filecoin and Avalanche etc. If team can implement these right away, I think it will differentiate us from other exchanges!

Or team is not considering listing coins other than ERC-20 and nep-5 because of technically difficult and take a long time to implement?

On unofficial telegrams I ask this question and the answer is that there are legal issues, but many coins are currently listed on exchanges that comply with the law in Europe and the United States.
If the law is the reason, I’d like to know what laws Nash is following in what country.

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On this note, please list EWT now thats only on 2 crappy exchanges.
More powerful marketing and also free marketing (besides some legal investiation) doesn;t exist right now. The energyweb project has gained quite some attention lately, and being the third exchange that lists it, could get a lot of eyes towards Nash.
This effect will be gone soon if it lands on the big name exchanges, though. Then listing EWT will not matter so much anymore.


And to reply to your post, yes, it takes long to implement coins that are not based on Bitcoin, ethereum or neo. So not only the legal cost is then a issue, but also implementing the whole chain for fast AND non-custodial trading. You can imagine the development cost of this. Therefore you don’t have to expect eos, xlm, nano etc on Nash any time soon.

Look at coinbase, they have about 15 coins… They got their ramps, this is a major draw, we get a few more pairs and the fiat ramps we will be doing just fine

actually Coinbase Pro has 27 coins

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Still dont change anything…

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