New Interview with Blockchain Brad (8-22-19)


Early in the interview, when Brad is asking about listing tokens that actually have value, Ethan mentioned something along the lines of only listing assets that are registered securities.

Have all the tokens available at launch been through this scrutiny? Have they paid the $10,000 legal fee and been judged to be a legitimate project? As far as I’m aware, none of these tokens are registered securities.


From what I recall, he said that the main purpose of the process was to ensure they weren’t listing any securities.

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I remember reading somewhere that the team had those initial markets judged from company funds.


The opposite !
…only listing assests that are NOT (un)registered securities.
In other words they have to be judged to be utility tokens before the asset can be listed. And on the other hand, registered securities (like NEX itself) can’t be listed until NASH gets a license for it.


Ahh I must have misheard Ethan then, thanks for clarifying!

Watched this earlier today – Brad’s a great interviewer, I’ve seen several of his shows, including Da Hongfei (that was A+ – Brad did not shy away from anything, really grilled Da.)

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