New ideas for staking

I know its crazy, but wondering if it helps by adding a new staking options for whales with some long lockups or some extra dividends… e.g. staking more than 25k/50k/100k/500k etc. The more nex tokens out of the market, the better :slight_smile:

Its a good idea but with every kind of changes in staking, nash has to go through another many and big round of regulation approval. Not in their current scope at the least for now imo.

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Also remember the more staked the less to the company, i think they are already very generous with what they offer investors, remember if this takes off as we hope NEX could be the Next big thingy not only in revenue but in the whole cryptoworld, it’s what i was waiting for for years now not only the investment side of things but imagine a real DEX …OMG getting to excited here, keep up the good work team.


A DEX with nice funds management for users… its also the next big thing in finance world which digital assets can be on nash and which could have much better investment (passive income) compared to buying tech stocks today.

agree. I am assuming nash will keep having amendments (not sure if every business decision needs to be amended), token split may be in distant future, but could be many new business ideas coming from nash. I also think nash keeping large amount of tokens a good idea .

It’s an interesting idea but i don’t think the team will go for it, they had a lottery for the ico to keep the playing field fair, I doubt they’ll show favor to the whales now. They’ll have incentive enough to stake once volumes high.