New Guy Question About Accounts

(Steven) #1

Hi all. So I finally, after months of lurking made a community account since the referral program and private beta are coming up. From what I understand the community account is logged into using the extension whereas the referral program I just used my Email (the same one as my community account if that makes a difference). Am I correct in saying that these are two different accounts?

If that is the case then I am wondering where it says “only tickets…with a portfolio balance of at least $25 at the time of the draw will count as valid”. How will we deposit a balance to this referral account if it is not linked to the extension? Or am I just thinking to far ahead and there will be a chance to link your extension address to our referral accounts in the future?

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Ethan Fast) #2

The portfolio balance refers to the funds management product that will be launched with the exchange. This funds product will also be unified with a new version of the extension as soon as it is ready. We learned a lot from the original extension and are making changes. So eventually you will only have one account with Nash.

(Trust Yourselves ) #3

Great to see you back on here @ethan . I’m sure you’ve been pretty busy

(Ethan Fast) #4

Thanks @Trust_Yourselves – yep, very busy but many exciting things happening!

(Steven) #5

Thanks for the answer that clears it up.