New Exchange backed by Marc Andreessen

(D Raky) #1

I want to point out a new competitor that might be looking into similar stuff as NASH. It is backed by one of the most prominent VC investors and they just got the green light from SEC. We should carefully study the competition and try to out game them.

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(CryptoMange) #2

Just checked them briefly and it doesn’t seem like they’re targeting crypto. But getting SEC approved to trade securities is a major feat.

For Nash it’ll be even more challenging since they’re doing something so radically new so I wouldn’t hold my breath. We’re still so early that the frameworks for issuing crypto tokens are only just now getting made. I think almost all crypto assets are unregistered securities and when regulation kicks in having one of those licenses would give amazing competitive edge.

(Alex) #4

I see what you mean. Actually I think they might be helpfull for paving the regulatory path of digital securities. Even it doesn’t seem to be their focus now, I believe its something they are thinking about from reading between the lines (voting rights,…) They have big names on board with experience in the regular stock markets. Good influencers in the space are good for us too.
Its a bit early to out game anyone at this point, but we should definitely keep an eye on them.

Think they have an incubating B2B goto-market approach with a potential gradual penetration into digital asset markets. Whereas Nash seems to be heading more towards B2C with a direct approach into digital asset soulutions. (reminds me bit of the last AMA answers regarding N26, Revolut,…)
By consequence they will learn more about entrepreneurs painpoints whereas Nash will learn more about (retail) investors painpoints. Will lead to different products imao.

Also makes me think about which is promising an ‘exciting’ announcement at testnet launch. Such partnership between Dusk + LTSE would make it interesting (speculating now)… Yet nothing would refrain Nash from building on the same DUSK network and protocol for issuing securities… With permissionless networks the technology becomes available for multiple parties and is not tied to single entity <3

We are both early. And both will find their own market and products. (as long as we keep our eyes open)