New community members will also receive seed codes

(FCC) #1


We have received a big influx of new community members after the Feb 17 presentation. Welcome to all!

We will send seed codes for the referral program for the new users later today.

All the best,

(Bunder) #2

Seed codes? Where is the referral program for?

No, I’m joking! Looking forward to see this community grow, and also the new users who are registering at the Exchange.
If you need referral code? Use this: 2BQ7Sj


(Seidler) #3


Any chance of getting the numbers of referrals, maybe a count?

(Tom) #4

Everyone who joined after the Feb 17th presentation has now received their own seed code.

Thanks to all the newcomers and welcome! :wave:

(Mark) #5

Use my code guys for a head start :wink: All hail NASH! Use code: 2yhCZP or directly sign up using this link.

(iRodders) #6

I’ve used someone else’s seed code to create my account but now you have sent me my own unique seed code. Can I change my code, to the unique one you give me and is there any benefit, for me, to using this unique code?

(Neogasrpx) #7

In case anyone’s late to the party, feel free to use my referral code: A4Pf9H, thanks!