New Community Button

(Blondie) #1

Hy all,

I noticed the “link” to the community is “hidden” under the Help Tab.

I also noticed that I find that strange. And since I am not an anomaly (I’m not that special), you might think that many new people that sign up, have questions with that place on the page.

I believe to feel the community it the base of this project and stands in high regard. To emphasize that I beieve the Community link should have it’s own place on the landing page next and even before “Products” and not be a drop down tab. That way people will find it much easier to connect to us all and that way this community will grow faster.

All the best

The Blond from Holland haha

(Cypher Investor) #2

I’ll second that.

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(Olu ) #3

Good point!

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(Ghettoblaster) #4

totally agree

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