Neon wallet update

(Trust Yourselves ) #1

Anyone know when the neon wallet will be updated. I cannot access my NEX even though the NEX is stored in the wallet.
Any help is greatly appreciated

(Seidler) #2

try using another wallet, like APH :slight_smile:

(Trust Yourselves ) #3

I get you. But I can’t use another wallet until I can access my NEX to send them to another wallet. :(:neutral_face:


I reached out to the big boss dog about this today.

(Seidler) #5

you can use APH and login with your private key or ledger and send them to another wallet…

(The Ron) #6

Please note the coins are not in the wallet itself. They are on the blockchain. The wallet is just a way of sending, receiving and viewing the coins/tokens.
I would personally recommend O3 wallet (if you use in combination with Ledger) above NEON wallet at the moment (however, screenshots of new NEON wallet version look pretty good).

(Trust Yourselves ) #7

Great. So hopefully my NEX will appear when I sign into the new wallet.


@Trust_Yourselves, @seidler is saying you can use another wallet to access your funds by entering your backup private key in another wallet. It will retrieve all your balances from the chain since your tokens arent actually stored in the client itself. (i.e. you’ll be using your same address that you would be on NEON but in Aphelion).

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(Trust Yourselves ) #9

@NATENEX @seidler great. Thanks for your help guys. Its amazing to only have 200 users on this community page so far, but still have such swift and helpful responses. Thank you :slight_smile:

(Trust Yourselves ) #11

Thanks. I’m going to wait until new neon wallet is released to give @ethan support. If its still an issue then I’ll move to O3.

(Chris Fenwick) #12

I have tested the new version of Neon and it appears to fix the issue with displaying NEP-5 tokens. Just wait for the official release :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you can sometimes get around the problem by changing the block explorer under ‘Settings’.

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(Seidler) #13

Seems to work now

(Guardian Circle) #14

@chris.fenwick Thank you for this report specifically – NEP-5 tokens ‘vanishing’ have indeed been a big worry of mine – I get complaints from people every day that their GUARD has ‘vanished’. I have to patiently explain that it’s the wallet, and to wait for the next version :slight_smile: I will be delighted when I can give a download link. :slight_smile:

(Guardian Circle) #15

One more thing: It would be GREAT if the place consumers downloaded the wallet from was NOT GITHUB. Grandma lands on Github and feels like she’s been transported into a space shuttle control module. Github is a developer-y, nerd-like interface. We love it. Consumers HATE it. Please please please provide a consumer friendly download experience (not Github). Thank you. :slight_smile:

(Rory) #16

@GuardianCircle if you go to their website they have nice friendly buttons to click on to download the executable/dmg/etc. :slight_smile:

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(Ethan Fast) #17

Sorry for the delay everyone. As others have mentioned, the new version should be coming out tomorrow!

(Guardian Circle) #18

Ah they do. Sorry, my bad. I was thinking of Aphelion. Oy, sorry. Long day :slight_smile:



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(Rory) #20

No worries! I feel the same way. nOS does the same thing, taking you to github even from inside the app. Hopefully these things get smoothed over time to help with adoption.