NEO’s Bug Allows Hackers To Steal Your Coins Remotely says China’s Tencent

@canesin @ethan can you please throw some light on this fud.

saw this FUD on telegram today …
my fav bit is “According to the Weibo post…” [no quote included from real people] :joy:

:joy: just now noticed it, who the f* is weibo!? ? :thinking:

Weibo is like Chinese Twitter. The article you linked claims it was posted to the account of Tencent Security Joint Lab. Tencent is a huge conglomerate company. They have ownership stakes in a lot of companies such as majority share of Riot Games (League of Legends), a minority stake in Epic games (Fortnite, Gears of War) among many others.

Erik Zhang has responded:

That article is misleading. CoZ found this bug more than a year ago, and some fixes were merged into the network at that time. As Erik said, it is not a live bug for current users of the network.