NEO no where to be found! Support ticket already raised

I made some ETH/NEO trade. Trade was successful.

Transferred NEO from my trading to personal account. Now, it does not show anywhere. My trading account is not showing it, my personal account is not showing it. Its not reflecting in my portfolio breakup. Not even in transfers tab.

I could see it in “Pending” tab of Assets page, but now it is not showing there as well.

Already raised the support ticket, awaiting reply. Has anyone gone through the same issue as well

No sorry, I have an issue with sending NEO from trading to personal acc aswell, but I can still see the assets in my account

The issue is now resolved. Thanks support team


I’m wondering what the problem was? @rahil


In general for something critical and personal always try the live chat! Most of the times that will bring tension down very fast.

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