NEO Is down everything on Aphelion is stucked

(Godfather) #1

I was trying to cancel a open order on aphelion exchange,but couldnt ,i asked in aphelions telegram channel,and they said that NEO was down MAINNET BLOCK

everything on Aphelion is stucked,

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(Tnahs) #2

Nash desperately needs to move away from NEO

(Godfather) #3

Yeeeaaaa sooner or later we will need a good DEX on IOTAS Tangle anyway.

(CryptoMange) #4

Nash co-founders were previously CoZ devs so switching to another chain without a good reason wouldn’t make sense, although if serious issues persist that could easily be done.

Fortunately the exchange doesn’t completely rely on NEO’s performance to function or any other chain for that matter. Deposits/withdrawals would probably get affected but trading should work just fine during hiccups like this one.

NEO 2.10.0 update should hopefully fix this node issue.

(Kazanchev) #5

What are you talking about? Everything is working for me.

(Olu ) #6

Nash exchange doesn’t run on NEO, so I am not sure what you mean by

(Vsevolod) #7

Iotas tangle :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Good one

(Ellyse Bolton) #8

how about switching to Ethereum?

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(Aisperwine) #9

Just read - Early launch without trusted NEO scares me (is it just me ?) - It’s all What you need to know about that problem = NEO is not problem for Nash…

(Frenk) #10

If i’m right one of the connections between NASH and NEO is the NEX token and stakingcontracts, which will run on NEOblckch, so further then that no problem right :sweat_smile:

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(Godfather) #11

You can laugh now and believe the things will be what it is right now and forever Blockchain
,or follow up what is growing up everywhere in the whole world INTERNET OF THINGS DEVICES,if you have lived in 1949 you would have laughed about credit cards too,JUST WAIT AND SEE and research IOTA and internet of things market,Instead of what we have today an internet of Information mixed with now the Blockchain´s Internet of value witch is much better than internet of Information but all of them have scale problems BTC,ETH,ADA, what ever coin have scale problems,And sooner or later they will be passed by INTERNET OF THINGS,IOTA,???

(Godfather) #12

Here is all we need to know inlude a little laugh in the middle of the video clip that bitcoin is happy :sweat_smile::rofl::joy::sweat_smile::rofl::joy::sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

(Godfather) #13

Etherium is haveing same Scale problems,

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(Upinayah) #14

as far as I know, the staking contract is the only technical connection to neo. NEX must always secure the staking contract (legally) and can copy it at any time on another blockchain 1: 1

(Nashsurfer) #15

Do you believe this is possible ? i dont think so

(Vsevolod) #16

Internet of things is a big deal for sure and will only grow but iota definitely not. There are many other approaches. But lets keep it Nash related now

(Bunder) #17

Great words my friend, Nash!

(Olu ) #18

Dude, the issue of switching from NEO to Ethereum does not arise because the Nash platform/exchange does not run or operate on the NEO blockchain…
Hope this helps you and others who appear to be confused :thinking:

(Ellyse Bolton) #19

but NEO blockchain is more centralized with fewer nodes running…
Ethereum more decentralized,

I understand, trading is off-chain in Nash… but deposit withdrawal happens on blockchain

(Ikbinruig) #20

With Nash, deposits and withdrawals of ETH/ERC20 tokens happen on ethereum.
Deposits and withdrawals of NEO/NEP5 happen on neo.
Later if more chains get added they also get settled on that specific chain.