Neo developing security Token Ecosystem

How will nash play a part in this Neo Security Token Ecosystem?

Something big is brewing in NEO nowadays.

Da hong fei in a recent interview says nash is really great. I guess u have been working with NEO in this STO regard?

Will nash be able to be the exclusive STO offering provider by NEO? @canesin @ethan


You sure do your research

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i think neo is one of the best coins out there but really not sure despite lot of development activities the price movement is low.

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NEO is now buidling faster than ever with mainnet improved to foster for enterprise level adoption. Neo investing in security token ecosystem tells us their vision level can be the same as nash… which is why i think nash will play a big part in the success of NEO security token ecosystem.


I hope so, I’ve been hodling mine this whole time. For better or for worse… 3.0 will be interesting.