Neo Defi Flamingo

With the introduction of NEO’s dabble in defi being imminent will NASH play any sort of role in this?


I asked in the Flamingo discord if Nash and Flamingo would compliment one another and Da Hongfei pretty much said he didn’t have an answer other than he thinks they can coexist so my assumption is not right now. Hopefully there’s a way Nash can benefit from the liquidity.


I think both projects are competing.
But they have very different approaches. Nash is and always was the bet on a legit and regulatory approach that keeps you safe, but also opens the door for interfaces with more legit business ( for example, allowing you to send money form your bank account).
As far as I can see Flamingo is a complete wild west approach, not considering legal issues whatsoever, just seeing how it pans out. Certainly there’s an environment for that right now, but I do think there is a very real need for Nash’s approach regardless.


I think you are correct to some degree, Nash is a hedge on the market right now for the wild west approach.


Yeah, but can we list FLM :slight_smile:

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