Neo collected by NEX

(Cryptoenthoo) #1

I have heard many icos complaining their funds value dropped because of ETH price drop.I think this was because of the ICO’s inability to manage their funds. What’s nex stand on this? since the ICO raised arond 20-23 million USD equivalent on NEO, will it be cashed out?

(Len) #2

I think NEX was well aware of the market conditions and timed the ICO really well, they most likely cashed out a percentage to keep the business up and running but for a while but I can imagine they still have a portfolio with NEO maybe some NEP5’s too! To take advantage of the next bull run.

(Nashrimpy) #3

yes, and you also get a dividend from neo

(Len) #4

Win-win situation isn’t it :wink: