NEO bourdain to NASH

I think that NEX and overall NASH being considered as part of NEO ecosystem is HUGE backdrop for project. Yes I know that NEX on NEO works just fine but NEO community is small and NEO development is way behind some blockchains so project is suffering. I personally don’t like ETH too much but switching NEX token on Ethereum would be great marketing for project and there would be lot of benefits. Nash team is made of CoZ members and they will probably stay with NEO but because of that, NASH will suffer and never be mainstream because many people consider NEO as centralized scam and they will not touch anything on NEO project. Several friend that I recommend NASH didn’t want to try it when they heard that NEO blockchain is included.
I would like to hear what other people think about this?

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Nash Exchange, NashPay and NashCash all the products are blockchain agnostic! NEX token happens to be on NEO blockchain. In grand scheme of things its irrelevant.

The value of NEX token is and will be derived from the exchange volume and the dividend.

So it may seem as if being on NEO blockchain Nex is being held off from wider audience, but its not true in reality. Also being a huge player in NEO ecosystem I am sure NEX will have some advantages (business side) in long run.


I disagree with everything you said about NEO. And while I dont think that people too much associate NASH with Neo, I tend to feel that, even if, it wouldnt be to bad in the future when NEO3 launches.
Plus I dont see any benefit of NEX changing to an erc 20 - NEO instead works very well for the given purpose.


You are right that Nash is blockchain agnostic but believe me that tribalism is holding many people out of NASH because of NEO ecosistem. When you go at Dapp review, NASH is under NEO Dapps and you can see there how many users NEO Dapps have. Almost nobody using them. We can lie ourselves that this doesn’t matter but it matters. I would prefer to stick with biggest community if possible because because you can’t win without users.

Look at number of NEO Dapp users…Is that community where you wanna be? It really doesn’t matter if NEO is working or not, nobody uses it…

It wont matter when people will start using the exchange for what its worth.

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Than what do you think why nobody is using it? Some shitty dex on ETH have bigger volume than us dough they can’t compare technologies. People were hyping BTC pairs, hyping now GA but there was no real volume mover. If we stay considered as NEO project, it will be hard to succeed.

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Well, its still MVP. No marketing. Exchange usually takes 2 to 3 years to build-up decent volume.


Doesnt convince me at all. Yes, most of the things you can see on your picture are pure trash and ‘nobody’ uses these NEO 'Dapp’s. But to be honest, that’s more or less the same with any blockchain until now. There simply isnt the ‘killer app’ bringinging ‘mass adoption’ and which of these chains will be among the winners isnt close to be decided yet. NEO silently kept developing and prepared for business adoption. NEO3.0 is about 80% complete. Ya, they got a lot of negative sentiments cause other shitcoins continously hyped their ‘features’ - but for what? Almost all of the projects on other chains are garbage aswell. And I personally I stay away from these DAPPs overview pages, cause they dont add any value in the current phase we are in.
Anyway, you asked what we think about your post, and I can make it short. I disagree about your valuation about NEO vs other blockchains, and I disagree about a negative impact on NEX because of it’s NEP5 origin. Regards, J


I think you should try to educate your friends instead of swapping nex tokens to erc20.

That they don’t want to use Nash because neo blockchain is included just makes zero sense. Then there’s pretty much no exchange they can use because most exchanges have neo listed. Except coinbase I can think of for now.

If they wouldnt want to buy nex because its a nep5, that’s something different. However, still doesnt make a lot of sense to me, because it is a security and it gives you a right on part of the revenue if you stake no matter which blockchain it’s on.

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NEO has one block finality, this means once transaction goes through it cannot be reversed or forked. Ethereum don’t have this and chain can be forked, transactions reversed etc which is a big NO for security tokens.


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