Neo and Ontology Gas


If I deposit Neo and Ontology to my Personal Accounts in Nash, will they automatically generate Gas in their respective gas accounts… I don’t even see an Ont Gas address.


Do not send Ont to that address, it is Nep 5 Ont.

The Neo will generate Gas at the address that you send it to and since you have the private keys you can always get the Gas using a wallet outside of Nash even.


You can not currently send ONT to nash !!

Currently they only accept NEO and ETH !!!

well he can sent any neo/eth based tokens to the wallets. but he probably wasn’t speaking about the unconverted NEP5 ONTs

Ont is listed. Only to be held in funds I guess.

but yes it’s strange, how would you find private key for the ONT address?

No, this is the useless ONT token of NEO before the main release of ONT.
Please look at something like that !! I also think that Nash should bring a note here. @canesin

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Oh I see now it’s old nep-5 ONT, that could be confusing, it should be removed.

Exactly. Here, Nash should act fast, because I think that can mean the loss of their ONT for some. I am not sure if you can access the ontology address with NEO’s private key.

Please Fabio this needs speedy action. @canesin @ethan @chris.fenwick

I hope it’s not too late for @tockey22


I now wonder if there are any other tokens that were on Neo or Eth in the funds section that could fall into this same “mainnet trap”.

That can be quite. But there would have to report which are so knowledgeable. I only know it from ontology.

@Canesin @ethan
I sent Ontology months ago to the Nash Extension/Neo Blockchain thinking it supported Ontology blockchain. I should have known better… It was sent to the Neo Blockchain, but did not show up on the Nash Extension. I had to download the O3 wallet to see my Ont and accumulating ONT gas as O3 supports both Neo and Ont.
I can see an ONT address/asset on my portfolio, but again, its the NEO address.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this needs to be updated to Ontology address/blockchain along with a Ont Gas Address.

Once complete, how will Neo Gas and Ontology Gas be updated in my portfolio. Once a month? Daily? Or will there be a button, like on O3 wallet where I have to click to claim?
I suppose the alternative for now is to link my private key in Nash with O3 wallet to view and claim Neo and Ont Gas.

I fully understand Nash was just launched. Just need some direction.

Thank you!!! Otherwise looks great Fabio (fabulous) and fast

That answer your Question :wink:

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Ok thanks - when will you be adding an Ontology Address with ONT Gas.

The current Ontology address is on Neo Blockchain.

“It is not possible to claim GAS for NEO held in your trading account. If you wish to generate GAS with your NEO, you must keep it in your personal account.”

Who gets the gas when the NEO is in the trading account/smart contract?

:grimacing: will ask the team to remove the Ontology on NEO …

PS: Their swap should have not been limited in time, I still don’t understand why it was _ I lost some ONT simply because it was air gaped.


If someone sends Ontology to a NEO Nep - 5 address, you can use 03 wallet to access Ontology Tokens on the NEO blockchain and Claim ONT Gas. Once Nash has an Ontology ONT and ONT Gas address, I will send my ONT/Gas from O3 to there.

thanks so much Fabio!

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:wink: of course that makes sense - just making sure. Thank you!

what will you do with ONT already sent to the wallet?

If you send ONT to NEO address, it will go on NEO blockchain. I downloaded 03 wallet - I can view, send and claim Ont Gas on 03 wallet as it supports both NEO and Ontology. Once Nash has an ONT and ONT Gas address I will send from 03 wallet.
Edited - sorry just realized this was for Fabio