Nash's first community app

Dear Nash community,

I have been working on a community project to support Nash in its quest for volume and growth.

I am happy to report that the project is now ready!

Introducing… Nash Casino ! A fun way to trade while hedging yourself.

Everything you need to know on how to play is explained on the front page, but here are a few additional details:

  • This is a project by the community for the community
  • I do not profit in any way from this app: it benefits all of us by helping Nash
  • Playing is not free, since by executing a market order you will pay a fee; however, it is quite cheap (by trading $5 you will pay approximatively 1 cent in taker fee) and you have a chance to win some NEX in the process.
  • Trading higher amounts slightly improves your chances of winning. It also contributes more!
  • Only BTC/USDC pair is available for now. Other pairs are ready but locked until Nash’s best price engine is launched on those markets.

Now let’s get that wheel spinning, that “Recent trades” section rolling and let’s get Nash noticed with some amazing volume! :rocket:

Yours truly,


Nice idea and very creative :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Super idea man! I’m having a blast :smiley:
60 credits so far :grinning:

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Hi guys,

So there is a restriction of the Typescript SDK whereby only 1 client/API key can be created per node process.

I was not aware of this (understandable) limitation and didn’t think to test the app on multiple simultaneous clients at the same time.

I will work on it and report back asap, hopefully with a fix!


P.S: Thanks to Nash’s wonderful API system, your funds are never at risk. If you want to prepare to play later, you can still:

  • create an account on Nash Casino
  • generate your API key on Nash
  • have some funds ready on the BTC/USDC pair on Nash

Excellent, I love this :muscle:

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Awesome, very creative idea.

I’m gonna spin the heck out of it later


@oldsport fantastic contribution. well done :+1:

now I can celebrate my two addictions crypto / casino in one place :flushed:


Great Idea :). People like you seperate our Community from most other Communities. Good Job!

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When the fix :slight_smile:

Awesome Marc ! I just created my account on the Nash Casino :smiley:

Cool app mate.

Just some notes and ideas;

  1. Right now the risk to reward is practically zero, if someone was already planning to execute a trade for the given pairs it doesn’t bring more volume and makes house lose NEX tokens. A way to fix this would be for the user to pay a fee in NEX proportional to trading amount and use the fees as reward making it a self sustaining system.

  2. For the app to work the user has to generate API keys from their Nash account and send the json file with the secure keys to the casino client which according to the creator is stored in LocalStorage, which is BAD practice for something as sensitive as API keys. I’d wait for an SSO solution to be available before building such application IMO. A way for the user to increase security would be to whitelist trusted addresses, I’d also recommend for this to be mandatory until a better solution exists. Hopefully this pushes Nash to release better tools because the optics of sending your secret keys to a client doesn’t really sit right with me.

  3. More pairs ofc!

Cool idea, really shows what’s possible!


Very cool idea, keep it up.

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Love the idea! Thank you!

Amazing idea, will join! :smiley: thanks!!
I have one name suggestion: Nash Canesino? :stuck_out_tongue: (joking)


Well done great work! Just out of curiosity, if you currently are in a country where trading is not permitted can you not use this app? (since you can still send funds to the trading contract)

Also this explains all the API questions you’ve been having :wink:

Also, will this be open sourced somewhere?

very good job @Oldsport, having you in this community is great

So guys, I may have fixed it, unfortunately it degrades the experience a bit: the game will be slower than before :confused:

Technical explaination:

1 app is usually 1 node process. However as a safety precaution - I imagine this is the main reason - Nash limits API key usage to 1 simultaneous process at a time. As a result, when Nash Casino launched earlier, only 1 player was able to play at a time. To fix this, I had to use nodejs’s ability to create child processes by forking the main process. I got it to work but this process takes some execution time, which results in the game being slower and the sound being off… In any case, keep in mind that the somewhat long execution time of each trade does not come from Nash’s API which is actually lightning fast! :zap:

TL;DR: each spin will be longer, it’s not Nash’s fault.

When I say I may have fixed it, it still needs some testing and requires a specific deployment setting which I need help with from the saas I use to host the app. In other words, I’ll continue tomorrow with hopefully a release tomorrow!

In any case, I intend to continue working on the app to fix the above. Here’s what could be done:

  • allow logging in with Nash account using Nash protocol (yes, that’s why it exists!)
  • improve the design (@Dennis has already proposed his services :muscle:)
  • fix the sound

Sorry for the bad experience, I really wish you could be playing as we speak. To be continued tomorrow :wink:


Awesome job, Marc! I’d be right on there if I wasn’t geo-blocked (for now).

Quick question, could you please explain where the NEX comes from that is exchanged for the credits and how that works?

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The NEX tokens come from my own pocket for now, but I might ask some big hodlers from our community for a little contribution in the future :wink:

Note that for now converting credits into NEX is disabled while Nash API stabilizes for external transfers. You can follow progress on this thread.