Nash - years ahead?

The term DEX has become very broad, with many different solutions and ideas for a very similar goal; bring control to the user.

A good analogy is to think of current solutions as that awkward state of smartphones in early 2000’s when every company was experimenting with different ideas and solutions and there wasn’t really an ideal to strive for. No one knew for sure what the perfect solution was. It wasn’t until iPhone came out which set the standard for all smartphones to come, even a decade later. I think of Nash the same way, it’s the final frontier for a DEX and will set the standard for all DEX’s. There’s just no better way than actually implementing the native tokens without any BS gimmicks like wrapping or atomic swaps and whatever else. Being able to trade native assets cross-chain with complex order types and good performance is imo the ideal and if Nash figures it out most DEX’s will vanish just like Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry etc etc and could give Nash competitive edge for years until competition catches up. There’ll probably still be a market for unregulated DEX’s but they will never have mainstream appeal and will mostly be used by criminals.

There’s a lot more to Nash beside the tech but I won’t go into it here. Bottom line is Nash has the ability to bridge the gap between CEX and DEX and be the be-all and end-all for distributed finance.

I’m so f***ing excited to Just Nash It :grin: :nash_token:


Thanks for the energy! We are also so f***ing excited. I can promise the team is working hard and thinking critically about every step we make.