Nash X BinanceChain

Hello everyone,
Today I want to discuss the possibility for Nash exchange to collaborate with Binance, it will be amazing to see BEP2 coins in nash exchange and also Nex coin in Binance it will also bring more liquidity for Nash. I think the crypto community growing fast and it will need to have more exchanges with high standard and could be more effective if we see collaboration between the exchanges as well. So is that possible?

well, i guess listing nex in binance will be a good move for nash, but on the other hand the listing fee is too high and none will pay for it. also i don’t see anything that binance can won from this, it only can lose customers. binance chain coins i guess will be available in the future in nash exchange.

As long as Binance does not have a security trading license they can not list the NEX token. I guess it will be possible to list BEP2 tokens in the future, as long as they pass the quality check of the team.


Also note that we would want as much volume to take place on Nash Exchange itself, there is no point in listing at Binance at that would mean the fees will go to CZ, not to us holders… You should spend some time to familiarize yourself with Nash’s business model…


Binance engages in very shady practices and will be legally scrutinized eventually, it’s a ticking time bomb.

Having any relationship with them is unhealthy at this stage for the progress of Nash.