Nash with T-shirt, Hoodie design

(Hachivn) #1

Hi, I am a fan of NASH, and I designed some shirts with the NASH logo. I am very happy if you comment design ideas with the Nash logo. If we wear Nash, we will marketing nash to the community. You can buy them at web (international shipping):
You can see more the shirt in my comment below

There are many colors and types of shirts on the web
Thank you so much

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(Hachivn) #2

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(Justus) #4

Don’t you need a permission to use the logo for sth like that?

(Carla Paiva) #5

Thanks for sharing! We’re always pleased to see how enthusiastic our community is.

We are currently allowing supporters to make apparel for their own use or even in small quantities, such as 10 units of each item. However, our brand is registered globally and starting on 17 June 2019 we will be strict about any commercial use, even taking legal measures if needed.

Please get in touch if you feel the status of your plans is unclear.

(Alex) #6

Can I keep the profits I made from using Nash logo before 17th of June ? :prayer_beads:
I would like to sell Nash physical security-coins to make big money quick. Can I use the logo in online advertisements ?

(FCC) #7

No you cannot, no one is authorized to make use of Nash brand and/or logo in any capacity on advertisements or to promote paid digital or physical products. The only exception is the case of wearable as explained by @carla post above.

Nash will engage on legal actions on infringements. Please get in touch if you feel the status of your plans is unclear.