Nash will also open our own fiat ramp!

Smart move moving away from 3rd party provider risks. srsly was a concern for me.

so your establishing your own relationship with a Bank for fiat deposits … could you please elaborate ? Silvergate ? what fiat deposits will u be able to take ?

i think this deserves its own topic/thread, please move if it doesnt

Jut thinking this makes sense that you can now start providing liquidity to wallets … Nash can become non custodial fiat on-ramp providers to wallets at no risk to the business using the service.

as far as im aware there is no counter party risk with NASH as an onramp provider … there is with all others … all custodian on-ramp providers ?!

Did they actually state this anywhere?

I haven’t looked into it, but I remember the news about LTC/tokenpay supposedly purchasing a portion of a bank last year.

I don’t know how viable that would be, or if it would be any worse for Nash long-term, but other exchanges like shapeshift may be interested in doing something similar at some point.

Yes, it’s from the “2019: the year in review” blog article:

Here’s the link to the article:

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@redk we prefer to not disclose our Banking partners. We have been working on this for a long time, just communicated on last report due to be closer to public now. It is a fundamental piece on the NashPay ecosystem.


Every new word that comes out of your mouth gets me excited, you’re a magic man with a magic team doing big things. Can’t wait!