Nash Website and NEX token

I was just having another look at the Splash page. I can’t help but notice that there is little if not nothing about the NEX token and its properties when you enter the site. Surely this is one of Nash’s biggest plus points. Is there a reason that there is no mention of the Security token NEX?. Without really digging into the Website one would never know NEX even exists.

Thanks in advance.


I guess because they don’t have approval to list it on the Nash exchange yet.


Well then that posses the question. What are Nash doing to list the STO they sold their investors?. I did hear rumblings of a loophole to sell NEX on the exchange but I am sure there must be better options than this?.
Anyway I am interested to hear from Nash what their plans are to list the NEX token somewhere.


Why isn’t Nex listed on the exchange?

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Frustrating to say the least.

Been staking since the exchange was live and the dividends have been nothing but dissaponting.

Hopefully the team makes it available at least just on this exchange.

AND it should be pushed on their home page when it goes live again.

I would like to see marketing to be more agressive similar to binance. We need exchange volume up.

This doesn’t really answer the question. All it does, is seem to state that Nash agree they do have a problem with their NEX token. I find it hard to believe Nash have created an STO that cant be traded legally. This to my mind can only be the slow rate of legislation in the Crypto space. Even if legislation is slow one would still hope to see it on the Slash page as something that is upcoming.

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I think nex doesnt need to have a place on the homepage. No one from outside will use nash because it has the nex token. Its about being a better exchange alternative. Or even better: its about being a exchange, not a bank.
It also wont help much for the nex price either.


They are trying to set it up so that Nash can be traded on their exchange. The license is hard to obtain but there is a option where they can trade NEX on the exchange without a licence, that is the route they are taking. Fiat ramps and the token being traded is what most people are waiting for

That seems reasonable to me. As long as they can legally trade NEX token somewhere. To be honest I can’t see the illegal exchanges that currently trade NEX being around for too much longer. If they are I would think they will drop NEX soon in an attempt to be compliant.
Another thing that concerns me is one of the Partner or possibly founder wallets is currently offloading NEX token. Could this possibly have some sort of comeback on Nash themselves?.

The website is designed to promote the Nash platform and bring more users to the exchange. We’re also restricted in terms of how we can promote the NEX token itself because it’s a registered security.


The only advertising the Nex token really needs is volume increasing on Nash. So the focus should be on getting real customers/traders who are just looking for someplace safe, fast and liquid to do their crypto trading. We already have many Nex token investors, now we need Nash exchange users.

Well that explains it. Would this then change when you can trade it on the exchange?.

There’s no relation between the two.

Thanks Chris