Nash Wallet

I have scrolled through the new website and have found the following image:

As far as I understand the way to receive my keys for NEO, Eth, … is to enter my 12 secret words. The same 12 words are used for every blockchain. This process is nearly the same as setting up a ledger nano S.
There I received 24 words, installed the apps I need and got for every blockchain the private keys, generated out of these words.

With this I wanted to ask:

  • Does nash and ledger use the same algorithm for generating the keys?
  • When nash offers the option to enter 24 words, would I have access to my coins stored on the ledger?
  • If they use different algorithms, can nash integrate the algorithm from ledger to offer this?
  • Not the same algorithm, but based on same standards - the way we store and communicate data is quite different, and will change even more in near future.

  • No, we would need to guarantee that every Ledger application follows the same algo that we do to generate the chain keys, Ledger unfortunatelly doesn’t support the requirements we need for a “Nash” app to do all this on our own app in there. But regardless of that our vision is to enable a safer protocol than current hardware wallets in near future. We have that figured out already but implementations and testing will take time.

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