Nash wallet tokens

(Pepps1976) #1

Hi All apart from the Browser Extension where else can we store our Tokens?

(Agile) #2

Any wallet that supports NEP5 tokens.

NEON Wallet is one of them.

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(Ant0ni081) #3

Neon Wallet hands down the best.

(CryptoUK1) #4

If you prefer to use a mobile app then I would recommend O3 wallet

(Pepps1976) #5

Hi i am using the latest Neon wallet how do you add contract token address etc, it all seems to have changed

(Agile) #6

If you go to your settings there should be “Add Token” in the upper right corner.

(Pepps1976) #7

Yes i see this get the option of Mainnet or Testnet but when clicking nothing appears to happen

(Pepps1976) #8

ok my apologies i get script has, i assume thats the contract address

(Frenk) #9

Just send NEX to your public address and NEX will appear because the scripthash is already in NEON wallet, just send 1 first and you will see it works,


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(Pepps1976) #10

Thanks for your help